September 22, 2017

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6 Things you need you know about Mermaid hair

August 11, 2017

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6 Things you need you know about Mermaid hair

August 11, 2017

6 Things You Need to Know Before Diving into Mermaid Hair


  1. It will most likely take multiple salon visits to achieve your desired result. Majority of us have a "hair history," whether it involves past salon visits or (dare I say it) box color. Unless you're unicorn client with level 7 virgin hair and have never colored your hair a day in your life, prepare to engage in multiple salon visits to achieve your color. Hair that has been previously colored will take more steps, as breaking through haircolor is not an easy task. Example: if you have been coloring your hair with Garnier Fruitesse Blackest Midnight (I may or may not have just made that color up...but you get the idea) since 10th grade, it could take up to a year (if not longer) to break through that history of haircolor. Professionals are professionals for a reason: we want to achieve your desired result as much as you do, but without compromising the integrity of your hair. The first and most tedious step in the mermaid hair process leads to our next segment. 



  2. Your hair *must* be prelightened to a pale blonde before applying any fashion colors. At the very least, your hair needs to be a medium to light blonde in order for fashion colors to appear. Fashion colors are strictly direct dyes. This means they stain the hair strand (unlike ammonia or MEA based dyed, which open the cuticle and permanently change the pigment of your hair) , which in turn allows them to only be visible on a light pallet. Going back to your hair history, it may take multiple processes to get your hair as light as it needs to be, and depending on the color you're wanting to have, your hair may need to be toned prior to the final color application to get rid of any unwanted warm undertones (example: for those wanting blue hair, if we put blue over yellow hair, you will most likely get a not-so-nice shade of green as a result).  Along with prelightening comes potential damage to the hair, so your stylist will recommend treatments into your service as well as at-home care. 

  3. Expect your appointments to last for a few hours. Any haircolor process can take a couple hours, but depending on how many steps are required to achieve the mermaid hair of your dreams (and how much hair you have), expect your first couple of appointments to be an all-day affair. Lightening services may process for up to 45 minutes at a time and may take just as long if not longer to apply. Your hair will need to be rough dried in between each step to ensure consistent results. 



  4. Prepare to budget. This is absolutely one of those "you get what you pay for" circumstances. Mermaid hair is not cheap. From multiple lightening processes to treatments to product recommendations, prepare to spend a pretty penny at the end of your visit. As previously stated, your stylist is dedicating a lot of time on her/his book to create the look that you want. Your stylist should go over pricing with you and be able to give you a rough estimate during your consultation, but color corrections can always run into additional steps during the process. If you can only spend a certain amount at each visit, be honest with your stylist so they can do as much as they can while staying within your budget. This means you may have to split up services into more appointments. Your stylist will also recommend treatments and products to use at home to get the most out of your color, so keep that in mind while budgeting. 



  5. Fashion colors require lots of maintenance. As we stated before, fashion colors are strictly direct dyes, meaning they only stain the hair strand. They are all semi-permanent haircolors and have a vibrancy span of about 4-8 weeks. Keeping up with your hair at home will help you get the most out of your color. If you're spending $300+ on your haircolor only to follow up with $5 drugstore shampoo, you may as well be throwing that money down the drain with your washed out haircolor. Many professional products include ingredients that help to protect the longevity of your color and are vital for getting the most out of your haircolor experience. Use your products as directed by your stylist and keep the usage consistent. 

  6. Consistency is key. The more consistent you are, the better your hair will be. If you're in the process of going lighter, every step that is taken is a step towards success for the next process. Once you've achieved your desired color, make consistent appointments to keep your color fresh and vibrant. The longer you go in between salon visits, the more steps in will take to achieve your hair goals. 

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